Who is on the POA Board of Directors?

Click here for a complete list of board members.

How often does the POA Board meet?

The board meets regularly on the second Wednesday of each month.

Can a homeowner attend a board meeting?

Homeowners are welcome to email the POA to request a time slot on the board meeting agenda.

Can homeowners request to see the POA financials?

Absolutely.  The board sends quarterly financial reports to all homeowners via email. However, we are happy to provide financial reports at any time upon request.

Do I still have to pay the annual POA dues if I do not use the clubhouse or other amenities?

Yes, annual dues must be paid by all homeowners regardless of whether you use the amenities.

Can I pay my dues online or with a credit card?

We do not have a way to accept payments online or with a credit card.  We can accept a check, cashiers check/money order, or cash.  Payments can be mailed to our PO Box, put in the drop box at the clubhouse, or you can arrange to meet the clubhouse manager to deliver your payment in person. Click here for more information.

How often does the POA have a meeting?

The POA is required per the bylaws to hold a meeting once per year.  However, we are available to homeowners daily via email, website, or Facebook. We welcome homeowner input and questions at any time.

Can the clubhouse be rented for a party?

Yes. Homeowners and residents who are in good standing with the POA (no outstanding POA dues or covenant violations) may rent the clubhouse for private parties or events. For specific details of costs, conditions, and restrictions please click here.

How do I know if a certain date is available for clubhouse rental?

Once you submit the online reservation form with your requested date we will contact you to confirm if your requested date is available.

Can other residents use the clubhouse during my rental time?

Your clubhouse rental grants you exclusive use of the party room and kitchen. All other areas of the clubhouse, gym, and pool are open to residents.

Am I responsible for cleaning up the clubhouse after my event?

Yes.  Please refer to the Party Room Rental Agreement for specifics on what needs to be cleaned. Additional fees apply for failure to clean up after your event.

Am I required to follow the POA Covenants? Why?

The POA Covenants describe the requirements and limitations of what you can and can not do with your property. Anyone who purchases or rents a home in Sienna Estates is required by law to abide by the Covenants and to pay the annual POA Assessments as outlined in the POA governing documents. For a complete listing of the covenants please click here.

Is there a way I can confidentially report a covenant violation?

Yes. Click this link and fill out the form to confidentially report a covenant violation.

What is the purpose of the Architectural Review Committee (known as the SCFARC in the bylaws)?

The Architectural Review Committee is responsible for reviewing and approving plans for any changes or improvements to the exterior of your home or property.

Why is it necessary to have an Architectural Review Committee?

To enhance, ensure, and protect the attractiveness, beauty, and desirability of the neighborhood while at the same time permitting compatible distinctiveness of individual homes.

What kinds of improvements do I need to have approved?

The following improvements require approval per the bylaws. Changes to the color of any part of the exterior of your home, fencing changes or improvements, driveway extensions, the installation or improvement of a shed, deck, pergola, gazebo, or any other exterior improvement to the property.