Tips for a Successful Garage Sale

  1.  PLAN AHEAD - A couple weeks ahead of time start decluttering and gathering your garage sale items. If you haven't used it in a year or more, consider putting it in your garage sale!
  2. ADVERTISE - Put a sign in your front yard a few days before your sale so people know it's coming up.
  3. DAY AND TIME MATTERS - Friday is a very busy garage sale day.  If at all possible, take the day off work and open your sale on Friday.  OPEN EARLY! Very often you will have people waiting outside for you to open.
  4. BE ORGANIZED - People don't want to shop a messy garage sale. Clean up your garage.  Dust off old items and wash dirty clothes. Borrow tables to display your items and hang up the clothes.  Put like items together.
  5. PRICE EVERYTHING! - People don't want to have to ask how much everything costs.  Be willing to bundle items and sell at a discount.
  6. PRICE TO SELL! - The general rule of thumb is to price garage sale items at 10% of retail.  If you have antiques or expensive jewelry to sell, consider selling them individually through a different venue such as local online forums.
  7. MONEY - Don't forget to have change!  Make sure you have plenty of singles and quarters. Offer your customers alternative forms of payment such as PayPal, Venmo, or Apple Pay.
  8. DON'T JUST SIT- Engage with your customers and reorganize your remaining items as things sell.